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An archive dedicated to my experimentations and explorations in design. As a designer, play, iteration, and process are key for my growth and development.

Lettering Archive
A collection of my lettering.
Photography Archive
A collection of my photography.
Cinédanse 2018 Bumper Video
Cinédanse, a Montreal based dance film festival, is unique for its classical, elegant, and sometimes foreign films. For their third edition of their festival, they decided to branch out to Ottawa in the Spring. Their expansion goal was to share “the universal language of dance” (Cinédanse, 2017). While the film listing for Ottawa 2018 is still being developed, past film themes, such as “Ah! The old days” and many more classical dance movies are what make up Cinédanse.
Cloud Watching
Cloud Watching is an experimental book, demonstrating story telling through the use of visuals. By using hand stitching, poetry, and extremely delicate material, such as newsprint, the book is personal and delicate and personal to the touch.

Happy Camper
Happy Camper, the friendly S’more dispenser, combines the fun of a twist and match toy with every child’s favourite camp animals. Meet Harold the Owl, Peter the Platypus, and Patty the Bear as you dispense your favourite summer snack out of their mouth or pouch. Using vibrant colours, Happy Camper is an atypical S’mores kit that puts the enjoyment of making and playing with your food— it is every kid’s dream! Want a unique way every time to roast some marshmallows? Simply switch up the face and body for an exciting new panel!
Using inspiration from pop-up mechanics, Handler is a multi-functional collapsible package that is compact, economically friendly, easy to assemble, and does not take up space for transportation. It can smoothly be created into many versions, using various material and sizes depending on its ultimate function. Handler fulfills one of the most important design factors in packaging through simple, fast construction, and also portability in stacking and being stored.

Muse: Promo Book
A project which involved a promo book redesign for a musical group/ musician, in which I chose Muse, due to their eccentric yet unique graphical presence in the alternative rock scene.
Futura: Typographic Information Poster
An Adobe Awards Semifinalist, this is a typographic poster showcasing an influential typeface, Futura, and its designer, Paul Renner, with a focus on the typeface's utility. The poster describes the letterforms, with the overall goal to explain why Futura has become an established typeface for many technological media applications, including print and web.